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Opening of Teatr Kamienica (the Tenement-House Theatre)

Teatr Kamienica (the Tenement-House Theatre) was created by Emilian Kamiński, a well-known Polish actor, to bring back the climate of small theatres operating in Warsaw before the WWII. The theatre, located in a cellar of a 100-year old tenement-house (kamienica) was renovated with great care, paying special attention to the preservation of the original architectural details. The interior creates a special atmosphere of the past and provides a realistic and attractive background to the performances kept in the style of the Warsaw theatres before the WWII.
The official opening of the theatre took place on March 27 and 28, 2009 with the performance combining fragments of "Ordonka from Tenement-House" (Ordonka z Kamienicy) and "Beautyful Ladies and Handsome Gentlemen" (Piękne Panie i Panowie). The performance presented a journey from 1908 through to 1939, with masterpieces of cabaret theatres, humor and revue of Warsaw of that epoque (Kabaret Momus, "Pod Picadorem", "Morskie Oko" and magazine "Cyrulik Warszawski"). The opening night show brought back the ambience of the past comedy and humor for the enjoyment of the audience, and remembered the persons who had created this theatre in Warsaw. This was a very special evening, with many more of such evenings to come.

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